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Mix prep instructions

When preparing songs for a mix please follow these guidelines. There are specific instructions for Pro Tools and Logic below. Please feel free to let me know if you have questions. You can send .ptx sessions if you want but please remove all plugins and other processing and clear the regions list of unused files first.


Make sure that all edits are clean. Take the time before you consolidate the files to really listen to the edit points to check for clicks, weird transitions and anything that might bring attention to the edit. Highlighting your edited track and pressing Command F will batch fade your file if there is any question about fades. 10ms fades are fine.


If you used any plugins please make sure that they are removed or bypassed before exporting your files or prepping your .ptx file.

If you are using any automation, please remove or bypass it before exporting.

If the automation or plugin is vital to the track, please export the automated / effected track in addition to the unprocessed file. Print this file as audio if possible.


Consolidate each track via Edit: Consolidate Clip so that all of the audio files start at the same point (i.e. Bar zero...). This will ensure time stamping is maintained.

Make sure that there is at least one bar before the song begins, do not trim the export to the first beat.

I can accept files in any combination of WAV or AIFF format, and any combination of bit depths but all tracks need to be at the same sample rate and the session name should include BPM and Sample/Bit rate.


Please make sure that each track is clearly labeled. Simple labels are best. I need to know at a glance if "Jimi Outro" is a vocal, guitar or kazoo track. Kazoo tracks cost extra so be aware of that.

Please remove all unintentional PT created track name suffixes. For example:  "Lead Guitar_03_01.wav" should be renamed "Lead Guitar.wav". Double click on the bottom half of your file to rename.

Be certain to place the tracks in a folder which is named for the song, including tempo and artist name.


Make sure that the lead vocal is comped and CLEARLY labeled as Vocal Main. If you are sending a .ptx or .ptf file color coding similar tracks will save me a ton of time.

If you have any ad-lib tracks which are separate from the lead vocal, be sure that they are properly labeled.

In general, you can reduce confusion by making sure that any track which is intended to be included in the final mix is specifically labeled in a unique way without PT number suffixes.


Please include with each song: tempo information, time signature, key signature, and any other applicable information and session details preferably in the session folder name. Also, let me know if you want vocal up/down mixes, bass up/down mixes or instrumental mixes in addition to the main stereo mix. I am happy to provide these but be aware they do take extra time.



Look at the beginning of an audio region to determine if the source track  is mono or stereo:  mono (single circle) or stereo (linked circles).  

Use the button at the bottom of each mixer channel to set it's mono/stereo state to match the source track.

If there is a "mono->stereo" Plug-In on a mono track, the channel output mode will show as "stereo" (linked circles), 

though the source track is "mono". In this case press the symbol to make the output "mono" again.

Go to the "FILE" menu and select "Export..." and then "All Tracks as Audio Files"

When the export window opens, do not change the name in the "Save As" field,  

It should automatically read something like "48 (or however many) tracks to be bounced" 

The initial destination folder will be set to "Bounces" but feel free to change this to a location that you can easily find later.

In the lower left corner of this window, press the "New Folder" button and create a folder for the song you are exporting,  

Additionally, you can create a sub folder for  the instrument group (i.e. DRUMS) you are exporting if you like.

In the "Save Format" drop down menu, select "WAV" as the file type.

In the "Bit Depth" drop down, select 24bit (unless the originating files are 16bit). 

Be certain that you have selected "Bypass Effect Plug-ins", but do not select "Include Volume/Pan Automation".  

If a Plug-In or Automation is important to the production, please include a second pass of the selected track and include the Plug-ins and Automation.

Leave the "Normalize" selection to "Overload Protection Only".

Press "Save" in the lower right corner.

ZIP the resulting folder by selecting it, "ctrl-click" and select the "Compress (folder name)" option.